About Technologist Jobs

Realize your career ambition in one of the rewarding Allied Health jobs at PHSA! As the first healthy authority of its kind in Canada, we are focused on providing specialty care services and improving health across British Columbia. Our Allied Health professionals play a key role in helping us deliver our high quality, specialized patient care. When you work in one of our BC locations, you find an inspiring inter-professional environment and technology that represents the latest advances in health care. Explore PHSA Allied Health jobs, and join our talented team.

Job Title Location Date
Cardiology Systems Administrator IMITSVancouver, British Columbia, Canada06/25/2015
MGL TechnologistVancouver, British Columbia, Canada06/19/2015
MGL TechnologistVancouver, British Columbia, Canada06/18/2015
Cytotechnologist 2 Cervical Cancer Screening LaboratoryVancouver, British Columbia, Canada06/12/2015
Mammography TechnologistVancouver, British Columbia, Canada06/11/2015
Public Health Technologist Bacteriology and MycologyVancouver, British Columbia, Canada06/09/2015
Public Health Technologist VirologyVancouver, British Columbia, Canada06/09/2015
Medical Technologist IIIVancouver, British Columbia, Canada06/05/2015
Public Health Technologist CPRLLVancouver, British Columbia, Canada06/02/2015
Public Health Technologist TB MycobacteriologyVancouver, British Columbia, Canada06/01/2015
Public Health TechnologistVancouver, British Columbia, Canada05/06/2015
Scientific Director Provincial Toxicology CentreVancouver, British Columbia, Canada04/30/2015
Medical Technologist 3 Pathology ExaminerVancouver, British Columbia, Canada04/22/2015
Molecular Geneticist \ Division HeadVancouver, British Columbia, Canada05/16/2014