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Payroll, Customer Services Representative

Job Summary:

Under general supervision and in accordance with established procedures, timeframes and various collective agreements, this position performs a variety of payroll duties including electronic file transmission of data, calculating and preparing off-cycle cheques, maintaining operating reconciliations, maintaining records necessary for the preparation of time sheets, completing records of employment, providing information to staff and outside sources, and performing related clerical duties.


1. Performs electronic data transfer of time administration system timesheets to Peoplesoft. Responds to inquiries related to the preparation and processing of payroll policies, makes corrections and adjustments as required, such as increment adjustments, overtime pay and voluntary deductions.
2. Calculates and prepares off-cycle cheques for adjustments such as vacation, terminations, retirements and leaves of absence as per departmental procedures. Calculates contract retroactive payments for input to the computerized payroll spreadsheet program.
3. Maintains Payroll data such as direct deposit information, voluntary deductions, personal information, and statutory deductions. Verifies data has been inputted correctly, ensure leaves, vacation and banked time entitlements are accurate, and provides Earnings information for Insurance claims.
4. Prepares separation certificates for Employment Insurance, completes earnings inquiry reports and responds to inquiries by telephone from the Employment Insurance Commission.
5. Reviews time records for accuracy in coding and completeness. Advises departments of coding errors and makes adjustments as required such as graduated return to work, sub plans and WCB payments by verifying calculations and entering payroll data into computer systems. Reviews and revises error edit reports in the appropriate time administration systems.
6. Provides information to staff and external agencies regarding contract provisions on payroll matters such as scheduling, vacation accumulation, sick time and pay policies, time keeping and records maintenance, benefits and banked time entitlements. Makes corrections and adjustments as required.
7. Reviews and verifies accuracy of exception reports by methods such as verifying that cheques and direct deposit totals agree with Payroll Journal by comparing and balancing a variety of reports, and running payroll queries from the HCM system to ensure accuracy.
8. Calculates Garnishee and Court Order payments based on regulatory requirements as specified individually for type of garnishee and informs employee of deduction amounts and timing of deductions.
9. Reviews payroll remittance reports and advises Accounts Payable of the timing and amounts owing to various agencies such as Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, Union, Small Claims Court (Garnishees) and Canada Savings Bonds.
10. Assists with benefit administration by methods such as completing documentation and reconciling benefit deductions and benefit statements to ensure accuracy.
11. Prepares and creates a variety of reports such as Statistics Canada Report and Year-to-date Balancing Report by methods such as compiling information from year-to-date totals, Labour Analysis Reports and Payroll Journals.
12. Prepares and analyzes statutory, mandatory and voluntary deduction reconciliations providing for payroll, vendor and/or general ledger adjustments including related documentation.
13. Ensures that assigned employee payroll information is securely maintained, recorded and filed in an accurate and timely manner.
14. Attends and participates in departmental meetings to provide input into items such as changes to policies, procedures and processes.
15. Performs other related duties as assigned.


Education, Training and Experience
• Grade 12, successful completion of a recognized payroll course and three years’ recent, related experience or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience.
Skills and Abilities
• Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
• Ability to deal with others effectively.
• Physical ability to carry out the duties of the position.
• Ability to organize work.
• Ability to operate related equipment.</job_